Positive Thinking course

Your Attitude determines your Altitude! A positive mind creates a healthy body and allows your creative force to soar high. A positive mind delivers a positive and high-quality life experience. Your life becomes a playdough which you can mold any way you like, using only your creative, imaginative mind. You can create your dream life if you only dream it enough without letting any distractive influences to divert your attention. 

Seekers of a better life experience
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Bhakti Yoga-Narada Bhakti Sutras

Bhakti Yoga - The path of devotion

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Concentration techniques to help you succeed in meditation and everything else in life

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Meditation in Practice and theory

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OM's kitchen

OM's kitchen is a healthy eating hub. Learn how to cook and prepare vegan raw alkaline meals.

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Pranayama (Breathing exercise) for the purpose of controlling the flow of prana or life force.

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Raja Yoga-A scientific path to Self realization

Raja Yoga- The Royal Path to meditation

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The four main paths of Yoga

Teachings of the four main paths of yoga and how they can benefit your life

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Yoga Asana

Yoga Asana practice and theory

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Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at OMline Ashram Kauai. improve your health. Gain clarity and regain enthusiasm for life.  

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