Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize. Be good, Do good, Be kind, Be compassionate. Inquire "who am I" Know thyself and Be Free. "Sivananda"

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OMline Ashram is where seekers turn to seers. and lookers turn to finders
It's where you will find the
support you were looking for in order to 
Transform your life into a more... 
meaningful, purposeful, peaceful, balanced, healthy and fulfilling experience. 

The life, you were born to live.

Practical teachings for Radiant Health and Self realization.

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Cleanse, Heal, Reconnect Sep 13-16 2018

Holistic Retreat Israel
Spend a Long Weekend with OM in Mitzpe Alumot Israel. Enjoy highly nutritious raw food combined with health education, Meditation, silent walks, healing dance, Tai chi and so much more...Get the tools to start on a very healthy and happy journey and a lifetime support through OMline Ashram Facebook support group.  

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Inspiring Movies  

Stories that UP lift the Spirit
Relax, enjoy, share your inspiration 

Movies have inspired us for many years now.
Some movies carry images and messages that creates havoc and destruct the mind they have the power to move you in the direction of feeling aggressive, depressed, lonely and disturbed in every-way. Other movies has the power to influence your life in a positive way. they may inspire, motivate, elevate and encourage you in every-way. Now, you have the power to choose. Choose good influence. surround yourself with good people, good teachings, and yes, good movies can be instrumental too. We took the time to carefully screen movies that carry a positive message. Enjoy your viewing.

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Beautiful Inspiring Healthy 


Turn your home to oasis, it is your temple, your place of refuge. decorate it with inspiring beautiful and meaningful things. Create a sacred environment where your spirit can rest and soar. Get inspired every time you enter your home.

Conscious Shopping made easy.

Support on your journey to Radiant Health and

Self Realization


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