Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize. Be good, Do good, Be kind, Be compassionate. Inquire "who am I" Know thyself and Be Free. "Sivananda"

OMline Ashram. Your Health and Spiritual Training Center

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OMline Ashram is where seekers turn to seers. and lookers turn to finders
It's where you will find the
support you were looking for in order to 
Transform your life into a more... 
meaningful, purposeful, peaceful, balanced, healthy and fulfilling experience. 

The life, you were born to live.

Practical teachings for Radiant Health and Self realization.

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OMline Ashram Academy

Practical wisdom. Time tested teachings.

Education. Inspiration. Motivation. Practice.

All the tools you need to succeed on the path to Radiant Health and Self Realization.

The best part of your life in every way...Begins today, the moment you

Take charge and assume responsibility for your health and happiness.

Free yourself from all dependencies that limits you.  Get enthusiastic. Anything is possible. All the doors are open. Get guidance, direction and support and become the Master of the life you were born to live. 

Health and Spiritual Retreats

Master your life and Destiny 

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OMline Ashram  Retreats 

Everyone...NEEDS some time off it all!
Time to:

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    Cleanse - Your body and mind
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    ReNew-Your Enthusiasm for life
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    ReCharge -Your Energy powerhouse
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    ReJuvenate- Heal on every level
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    ReConnect - With your forgotten SELF

Time for personal transformation!

Time to improve the quality of your life

Time to step out of discomfort and dis-ease or imbalance of any kind and start living your life to the fullest potential.

Join a retreat and get a lifelong support on your journey to Radiant Health and Self Realization. Learn More

Health and Spiritual Education, Inspiration and Training

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Health and Spiritual TV channels. Education. Entertainment. Inspiration.


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Inspiring Movies  

Stories that UP lift the Spirit
Relax, enjoy, share your inspiration 

Movies have inspired us for many years now.
Some movies carry images and messages that creates havoc and destruct the mind they have the power to move you in the direction of feeling aggressive, depressed, lonely and disturbed in every-way. Other movies has the power to influence your life in a positive way. they may inspire, motivate, elevate and encourage you in every-way. Now, you have the power to choose. Choose good influence. surround yourself with good people, good teachings, and yes, good movies can be instrumental too. We took the time to carefully screen movies that carry a positive message. Enjoy your viewing.

Everything for Healthy Living

and Spiritual Practice

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Sacred Book Store 

Books are the second best Satsang or the company of truth that you can have if you are not in the presence of an enlightened being. OMline Book Store carries books on all subjects regarding Radiant health and Self realization. You will also find books on Self reliance and sustainability. Everything to help you grow in every way.

Conscious Shopping made easy.

Support on your journey to Radiant Health and

Self Realization


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OMline Members

A beautiful community of like minded people who support one another in every way.

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